Plastic molding auxiliary machine customization service

Sales products include dehumidification dryer, side material crystallizer, feeding system, weighing and mixing, large outdoor storage warehouse and other products R & D, production and sales. Sales tenet adhering to provide customers with "environmental protection, energy saving, safe products, we will, as always, adhere to the pragmatic, sincere, enthusiastic service concept, to provide global customers with a full range of high standard technology and service support.

Companies always implement customer-oriented marketing idea, set up and improve constantly to sales, installation, maintenance of "the trinity" marketing operation system and service system, with advanced processing equipment and professional technical support, to ensure the quality of the products, has always been to "customer satisfaction" as the highest standard, regards product quality as the life, the pursuit of first-class technology, first-class products, first-class installation, maintenance and service, to provide 24-hour after-sales line: 0769-88184408, strives for perfection the work, to provide users with quality products and professional service for the firm goals.

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We provide high quality products and services for many customers at home and abroad, and are highly recognized by architects, contractors, developers and users all over the world, winning a good reputation in the market and the industry!


The company solemnly promises to the market: strictly follow and protect the harmonious ecological rules; With heart and heart, we contribute all our efforts to promote the better life of mankind!


Dongguan Hejin Plastic Machinery specializes in the production of dehumidification dryer, mold dehumidification machine and other plastic molding auxiliary equipment, dehumidification and drying only 1 hour!

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